Wednesday, June 4, 2008

This picture is of Ruby at 18 months old. We bought Camille a Hibiscus bush to add to our foliage in the front of the house since she is obsessed with Hawaii and all things Hawaiian. :) Shannon has since planted the bush in the ground.

This puppy was a temporary foster puppy we had for a couple weeks. She has a new home now and we are so glad for her. She was a sweet girl.

Next picture is our current foster dog, Catherine. She is a sweetheart. We are REALLY enojoying her. Even Ruby can walk her on the leash, she is so gentle.
Finally, the kids are going to the dogs. :) We did not put Ruby in the dog crate, she was sitting in there with the door pulled closed when I came into the kitchen. The door is not latched, she is holding it closed.

We also got video of her doing "tricks". When we were trying to get Catherine to sit and lay down, Ruby was doing the tricks. It was hysterical! Zach started giving her goldfish pretzel crackers for "treats", haha!

Kids are a blessing from God and even though we have days that are stressful and frustrating, at the end of the day there is always something that reminds me what a blessing my kids are. They make me laugh and give me great joy. They are truly my most awesome blessings.