Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Blessed to Be a Blessing...

I have a story to share that is the epitome of why I stated this blog. It is called Blessed on the Net because I wanted to share blessings as they happen in my life.

Tonight I had one of those blessings happen so I want to share it. A girl from our church decided to give away some toys she has outgrown and decided to give them to my girls. She mentioned some Littlest Pet Shop toys and I said sure, my girls would love that. However, in addition to the LPS toys, she also gave DD#1 an American Girl Doll. Now, this is a big deal in itself, as these dolls are expensive and hard to find used. I could never get to the point that I would spend $100 on a doll so this was something my girls would never have unless someone else spent the money. However, this story gets even better.

We recently went to The American Girl Doll Store and Bistro for a field-trip related to our school co-op. Camille did not have a doll to take with her but borrowed one from another girl. She looked at all the dolls there and decided that if she EVER had an opportunity to get one of the character dolls, she would choose Julie from the 1970's (hmmm, that's MY era!! That is NOT history!!!). She was a good sport about it and I explained that MAYBE I could find a doll on the internet that I could get for her some day, or she could save up ALL her birthday and Christmas money until she had enough to buy one herself, if it was important to her.

So, that was a few weeks ago, almost 2 months. She had moved on to other things, looking forward to her birthday coming up in a few weeks and her ballet recital tomorrow. She had no idea about the toys that were coming. Tonight she gets to church and the young lady that offered the toys had them there. She pulls out an American Girl Doll box and tells DD#1 that she wanted to give this special toy to someone that she knew would take care of her. She hands it to my daughter and it is the Julie Doll!

I don't know why I was surprised. God has been sooo good to us over the years. We have been learning and growing in our knowledge and understanding of Him these past 2+ years at Good News Church and the blessings just never end. God promises to give us the desires of our hearts, even when it is not a NEED. My daughter was blessed by this beyond words. She shared with me "Mama, when I prayed tonight I asked that God would bless Lindsey back". Now that is an amazing blessing and I am SOOOOO blessed as her mom to be able to see this opportunity for spiritual growth in my daughter.

Thanks for reading my long story, I hope it has blessed your heart as well.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I made something New!

I made something new!!! I've been on this really creative kick lately (which means that I need to clean up around here!!!) and I actually hav completed a number of projects. Look at these! Aren't they cute?

I got the directions from here:
This was where I started and I am less about glitz and more about homey looks, so I added buttons and not sparkle. :)