Saturday, December 6, 2014

1-minute Christmas Centerpiece

I know, you find this hard to believe.  That is understandable, but if you have the pieces in your craft area, it could be as fast as 30 seconds.  I am not claiming that this will last forever.  I am not saying you can start with nothing and do this in 1 minute, but I am saying that once you have the pieces, it takes mere moments to put it all together.  :)

Instructables Christmas Centerpiece

These are wonderful for Church Christmas events where you need inexpensive centerpieces for each table.  Place it on a small round mirror or covered cake boards and you will be amazed how lovely they can be.

These could be AWESOME for a wedding, even if it is not a Christmas wedding.  They have bulbs out of ALL colors this year and you can grab them now at Family Dollar or Dollar General, Walmart, etc.  You can make this for a wedding by adding the names of the bride and groom on pics in the arrangement.

There are MANY ways to use these, on an accent table, in the entryway, on an end table, in a bookcase, on a shelf, on your mantle.  They make nice little spot perker-uppers. :)