Thursday, May 28, 2009


I know it has been a while between posts. I am happy to report that something happened today that is relevant to the topic and original intent of this blog. I was blessed today by an unusual event and I wanted to share.

I had a 100 dollar bill in my pants pocket. I know, "duh, bad place for it!" but someone handed it to me when my hands were full and I did not have my purse on me, so I put it in the pocket temporarily as a safe place. You can see where this story is leading already, can't you? So, I left it in the pocket and went about doing my business. After a few hours I reached into my pocket to retrieve said 100 dollar bill and, as you already guessed, it was gone.

Well, I thought really hard about what could have happened to it. I was working, so it obviously fell out while I was doing something else. I knew I had only taken my keys out of my pocket twice, once at the paper office and once at the gas station. I started praying that I would find it and drove back to the gas station. It was not there, the folks inside thought I was insane for expecting it to still be there (or for someone to have turned it in). I then went back to the office. I knew the chances were slim, if someone had found it they were as likely to keep it as turn it in, but again, I HAD to try. I can not afford to lose $100, that is why I am working. I NEEDED that money.

When I drove into the parking lot, there it was. Still laying in my parking space, folded in half. It could have blown away, up under the ramp/decking, anywhere, but it was still there. I was sooooo very happy, I just wanted to sing and shout. I was blessed beyond words to find my money where I dropped it. I've learned my lessons from this event. First, it is not my money, it is God's money and He can take care of it. Second, put the money in the wallet, ASAP!!!

God does take care of us. Many blessings,
Carol O.