Saturday, April 9, 2011

Two posts in one week!!!

Wow! I am not usually a prolific poster. However, you can see that I am posting for the second time this week and I am amazed. Tomorrow I am going to post pics of a COOL project I am finishing tonight. I am posting the link to the project for you to enjoy now and I will post some pics of my finished project when it is done. I will be going to the store for elastic and then I can finish it.

This project is re-purposing a men's dress shirt into a girl's dress. I am making a 2XL men's dress shirt into a 4T dress for my youngest girl. I am also planning to make a 2XL into a nice summer tunic for my oldest girl. Here is the link to the original post that inspired me to go to the thrift store today and buy some men's dress shirts.

Shannon is not here right now so I can also raid his closet for those UGLY shirts that keep ending up on MY side of the closet. Watch out!!!

Love ya honey!

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