Sunday, April 15, 2012

Crafty Door Hanger

FINALLY! Here is a picture of Camille's finished door hanger. Sorry that the light is wonky and the colors ar not completely accurate, but you get the idea. I chose blue to go with the gold that is her favorite color. She found this little birdie at Michaels and I made the flowers. This is a recylced idea that I found on Pinterest. I got the frame at Goodwill, all the decor were items I recycled form other projects or leftovers or made myself. The buttons I've had for probably 15 years so I was glad to find a home for them. The strings on the bottom are made from strips of t-shirt. The wraps on the sides are made from leftover fabric. This project cost me approximately $4 and my kiddo is happy to have her initial to hang on her door.

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JM said...

What a fun idea for a kid's room! I remember drawing "name signs" as a kid and then a babysitter, but this is much cooler :)