Friday, January 10, 2014

Here is a fun little idea...

A blog I read, called Parenting Miracles, posted an idea today about re-purposing shot glasses to give their kids a little snack.  While I have no shot glasses to re-purpose, I do have cutesy little containers that are cute but not good for much.  Even the tiny Rubbermaid containers that come with the storage kits I find puzzling. If that is all I have left, I just eat it.

So, this idea of presenting my kids a snack in a cutesy little container is so fun and I have been brain storming.  I am going to list some other ideas besides the ones Jessie mentioned:

Peanut Butter and Teddy Grahams
Peanut Butter and pretzels
Peanut Butter and celery
Peanut Butter and Goldfish
Yogurt and pretzels
Yogurt and Goldfish
Yogurt with fruit
Yogurt with Granola on top
Hummus and pretzels
Hummus and cracker sticks
Hummus and pita strips
Maple Syrup and french toast sticks                          
Broccoli and ranch dressing
Grape BBQ Sauce and little smokies
Marinara Sauce and a breaded cheese stick.
Honey mustard and veggies

Here is a fun one:  Frosting and pretzels  (for shame!!!)

Now, for a birthday party, you could make a sprinkle bar with little bowls of different sprinkles and give each kid a little container of frosting with pretzel sticks.  They could then dip their pretzels in sprinkles for a fun and interactive snack.  How cute!


Here is another example of a cute way to serve the sprinkles.

If you can think of some other cute snacks that can fit in the small containers like a shot glass or a tiny Rubbermaid, please share them in the comments!

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