Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The first post I prepared for my blog (but never published). I am going Retro!

Wow, I am blogging! Joining the multitudes of millions of people who are years ahead of me. I was surprised to find blogs started as long ago as 2002. I had not heard of blogs back then. So, of course, in trying to find a name for my blog, I realized that the name I wanted had been taken 5 years ago. It is not active. It is not being used, but it is still sitting there on the net, useless to someone who wants to actively blog it. It seems kind of like a derelict building in town, an eyesore. I feel bad for the great name they chose and it being sentenced to oblivion.

So, if you have an old blog out there with a GREAT address or even just a mediocre one, get out there and blog it and help resurrect some of these old buildings on the net that no one but you can occupy!

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Smash Ogre said...

Is FarAboveRubies updated?