Friday, February 27, 2015

New "Thing" #5 - Movie

The movies I enjoy enough to share with others are few and far between.  Now, here I am sharing 2 movies in one week.

The latest movie we watched is "How to Train Your Dragon 2"  If you have not already seen "How to Train Your Dragon", you should definitely watch that one first.  This is very kid friendly but with enough mature laughs for adults without seeming weirdly creepy  (like Shrek 2 with the gingerbread man)

There is adventure, war, loyalty and love without gore or any sexual innuendo.  The main characters are lovely young people who are finding their way in the big world.  Their idealism is refreshing and framed positively by the writers/producers rather than being treated as something to be FIXED.  I really enjoyed this, even as an animated film, it made me feel the feels!  I even cried at a couple points.

If you enjoy a good rollicking fun movie with some serious conflict thrown in, where redemption comes in the end for those who deserve it and grasp the helping hand offered to them, you will LOVE this movie.

How to Train Your Dragon 2

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